Clara is an enterprise MMJ – she interviewed, filmed, wrote scripts, voiced, and edited all the content for every element in her reel.


Sideline/Live Reporting

The following clip is a live shot with WWE Hall of Famer and 35-time wrestling champion Booker T. Booker gave me a quick wrestling lesson before the event he held that evening.

The following clip is a sample of sidelining for SWX at a Montana State/Northern Arizona men’s basketball game. The sample includes keys to the game, in-depth analysis, package intro and tags, and a halftime interview.

The following clip is a live shot from a rivalry matchup between Helena High and Capital High football game in the quarterfinal round of the state tournament following Helena’s win which clinched a spot in the state title game.


Long Form Features

The following package tells the story of Sam Leigland – an athlete who wears his jersey #13 in honor of his late brother, Augustus.

The following package shows how one cheerleader – Anne Jo Reid – uses cheerleading to keep her spirits high, despite having a disability.

The following package is about how one community member, Lynda Morin, shows her support for a local high school basketball team by doing more than just going to their games.


Creative Pieces

The following piece shows what younger minds thought about Super Bowl 51 before the big game.

The following piece takes a spin on bracketology – and goes into BARKetology, where local animal shelter dogs took their chance at picking the winners of the NCAA tournament.

The following piece showcases the sport of Taekwondo – and I even suited up to give it a shot. Spoiler alert: it’s a lot harder than it looks.

The following piece goes into life as a mascot – featuring Orbit from the White Sox rookie affiliate, the Great Falls Voyagers.

The following piece features the Montana two-time Gatorade Softball Player of the Year winner – Tristin Achenbach.


Team/Athlete Features

The following story is about Fairfield’s football coach – Les Meyer, who has coached the Eagles for 20 years and was nominated for National Coach of the Year.

The following story is about JJ Dorsch, the quarter back for the Great Falls Gladiators – a semi-pro football team. JJ drives 300+ miles round trip every game to be a part of a team he considers his family.

The following story is about Kassidy & Alexis Sigda – two sister who defy social norms and started wrestling from a young age, even though they often got comments about how “girls can’t wrestle”.

The following story features three sets of brothers who all wrestled for the same college team – and what it’s like to have a family atmosphere on the mats.